Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Here we are

The website I've been using to post pictures of the kids has not been working lately...I keep getting error messages when I try to upload pictures and it's getting very frustrating. So here's the new place for all things Julia and Daniel. I actually prefer this format better because I can write a little more about each picture and what we're doing. Seems to be a better way to keep up with us! So without further ado, on to the kids....

Daniel is finally getting some teeth you can see his two bottom teeth and the top ones are working their way in. The worst of the teething seems to be over (knock wood) although if you're not careful he will bite you.
He found this flower on the kitchen floor yesterday and I got this shot as he played in the afternoon sun. Look at all the hair he has now!

It's hard to get good crawling pictures since they can't actually, you know, MOVE in a photo. But crawling he is, all over the house. He still has a hard time pulling up to stand but he works on it all day long. He makes it about half the time.

Julia has been staying busy with various arts and crafts, Playdoh is a big favorite (or "pay-noh" as she calls it). I've found that anything that confines her to her chair for 20-30 minutes at a time is a good way to get dishes done or laundry folded. Otherwise she takes my distraction as an opportunity to wallop Daniel.

What about this angelic little creature could cause such wrath? It seems that every since he started crawling (i.e. able to get into her stuff) she has developed some anger management issues towards him. Learning how to share is still a work in progress and if my childhood memories serve correctly, it will be an ongoing lesson for the next 15 years or so.

Last weekend we went to Coney Island again for Michael's annual company picnic. As usual, Julia's favorite part was the variety show they have there. At one point they invited all the kids on stage and of course our little diva ran right up there. This would have been a great picture if
that lady hadn't gotten in the way. But you can see Julia standing in front of the girl in the blue dress.

She also had her first experience with face painting but was not happy that SHE couldn't actually do the painting. But she was still very happy to get her "makeup" as she called it.
That's it for now.


rkortz said...

Great pictures! They are adorable! Thanks for sharing.

Allison said...

Oh, they're getting so big! Love all this pics :) So glad you changed pages, I could never remember the dang password to the other one. I'm a tard!