Sunday, October 4, 2009

Daniel's 1st birthday

Yesterday was a big day for many reasons, not the least of which was Daniel's birthday! It's amazing to think my little baby is now a one year old. Time is flying by the second time around.

This is Daniel pretty much all the time...smiley, happy, an utter joy to be around.
Julia enjoyed the fesitivities as well...I think she ate about 3 cupcakes yesterday! We just couldn't say no on her first day home.
Daniel enjoyed his birthday cake, and it wasn't the free for all that I expected. He would swipe one finger in the frosting, put it in his mouth...swipe the frosting, finger in the mouth. The picture below was about the extent of the mess, although there was a nice glob of frosting in his hair when it was all said and done.
The big present from us was this little fire truck. He also got presents from other family members and has been having a blast with his new toys.

Here is our girl getting her meds through her PICC line. It's going very smoothly so far, although getting up at 1am was not a lot of fun last night. She slept right through it though! Can you tell by that smile she's happy to be home? The past 24 hours have been pure bliss. Every day she continues to get stronger and stronger. Yesterday she was able to walk with very little help. She is also using her right hand to eat and play with toys. Life is good.


Laura said...

This post made me cry! Daniel looks so big! It's so good to see Julia's smiling face. Love you guys!

Ang. said...

Julia looks so happy! And of course, Mister Fantastic is perfect as ever (Daniel, not Michael). I'm so glad you're home!!!!!!

k said...

Happy birthday Daniel! Aaron, Jennifer + Ada.

Helen said...

I just want to reach out and squeeze them both! They are precious! Happy Birthday to Daniel and Happier Days to Julia!

Anonymous said...

So nice to see everyone so happy! Happy Birthday to Daniel and welcome home to the rest of you :)

Lauren B

Anonymous said...

The pictures of joy and contentment......welcome home. See how much better she looks now that she is home. When do you start rehab?

baby trevor's mommy said...

Oh Lisa...SUCH a great post! Especially as we're sitting here waiting for Trevy to come out of his PET scan! Love the smiles...home is SO much better for healing! crazy that we passed on the highway?!