Monday, October 19, 2009

Home again

We're home! CRP was lower...PICC line is out. Julia is doing fantastic now that the fever is gone. There is a brightness in her eyes that we haven't seen since before surgery. She just feels better, you can tell. It finally feels like we're on the road to recovery. Her grid surgery was September 18th, we were released yesterday, October 18th. A month of ups and downs, but a month that is now behind us. I still feel like I need to knock wood when I say this, but I'm excited about what's to come and feel very optimistic and hopeful. This is the feeling I expected to have after came, just a little later than I anticipated. But no's here, and that's what counts.

Still thinking of Danielle, Johnathan and Trevor as they continue to endure their hospital stay. I can't wait until you guys are at this point will come...I promise. Hugs to you all.


Jennifer said...

Yea! Welcome back home.
Jennifer, Aaron, and Ada.

baby trevor's mommy said...

Home is WAY better!


Seriously though...the house across the street is SUPER cute! And just like two minutes from the beach too!


Krista said...

Hey... I am not sure why I didn't realize you had moved blogs. I guess having a baby made me stupid for a while :-)

I am so glad to read that Julia has had her surgery and is now doing so well (I read all the posts). I hope the news continues to be so good and there are no more roller coasters.

Happy belated birthday baby boy. You are super cute!