Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our little mermaid

Did anyone seriously think I wouldn't buy Julia her princess costume?
Here's our little Ariel modeling her Halloween costume, this one with the Julia stamp of approval. Halloween is supposed to be rainy and cold so we may just stay home and pass out candy to the older kids. That will probably be just as fun for her anyway.
She's had a great week. She's doing wonderfuly at therapy and has really warmed up to her therapists. In fact tonight in the bathtub she was asking if we were going to see Amber, her occupational therapist, tomorrow. We are dropping therapy down to twice a week and she will be going back to school the other three days, starting next week. She is so excited to get back to school, it's going to be so wonderful for her.


ELAINE said...

How adorable!!! She's such a mini-Lisa!


baby trevor's mommy said...

SO cute! Trevy wasn't having the best of no costume for him. Well...that's not entirely true...I put in him in all grey and called him a cloud! lol Bristel and Toby had a blast though!

And your Ariel is super cute!

SO SO SO happy to hear she's doing good! Even though today has been yuck...Trev is doing really great! Remember over coffee when you told me that in a couple weeks everything would be better? Remember how I didn't believe you! ;) You were SO right!



Anonymous said...

That's wonderful news!