Friday, October 2, 2009

Such a tease

This morning Dr. Sood came in and said we could be released today...we were overjoyed. She still ran a temperature overnight but it wasn't terribly high and I figured they were okay with it since her other tests have been good. We had the home health care nurse set up to come tonight, the papers for discharge were being prepared, prescriptions for outpatient rehab were being sent to Cincinnati Children's, I was back at the International House packing up our stuff, and as I headed back to the room I got the text from Michael...he was keeping her another night. Apparently he hadn't seen the last temp and so decided he wasn't going to release her.

To say we are dejected is an understatement. I was absolutely giddy at the thought of going home, now we are so deflated. We have a question into Dr. Sood right now about what it's going to take for her to go home...because we cannot stay here indefinitely. Especially after hearing of other cases where these fevers lasted for quite awhile post-op. When we get an answer I'll update.

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Jackson's Blog said...

I would be so frustrated too! I am so sorry! I am glad you are put the questions into Dr. Sood.

Julia looks beautiful below! I love her smile!