Friday, October 16, 2009

Good news (I think)

So we got to Detroit around 10am this morning and quickly went back for the CT scan. Dr. Sood said he didn't see anything to him that would indicate hydrocephalus...there were some small pockets of fluid but the normal amount you would expect to see after surgery. Whew! However...we did get admitted. BUMMER. They drew blood and are going to compare the results to Wednesday's tests. He also said that if her symptoms continue without being able to determine why, they may go in through one of her drain incisions to drain some fluid and see if that relives any pressure or symptoms. Let's hope they don't have to go there.

So far so good...she's in a good mood, her fever has been gone for a few hours without the aid of Tylenol or Motrin, and she's eating very well. She did throw up a little while after lunch which made me anxious about them wanting to keep us longer but was immediately asking for food again. Silly girl.

And the silver lining of this whole trip...I got to meet Danielle, her husband and sweet little Trevor. He is an absolute doll...just as cute as in his pictures but those eyes just jump out at you in person. It was great to give her a hug, I hope they get to go home soon! And that we do too!


blogzilly said...

Bad that you guys had to go back, great that you got to meet Trevor. And heck, it's pretty cool that it appears a shunt won't be needed. That's really cool.

Madhuri said...

Hoping you get to go home real soon!! :) Keep posting updates..