Sunday, October 18, 2009

The weekend

Sorry for not updating, but it's been difficult to come up with something to write...this stay has not followed any linear path, and many times we have asked each other, "Why are we here?". Now that the end is in sight I'll try and recap the weekend.

Friday's bloodwork was all normal except for her CRP, which was really high compared to Wednesday's level. Again, CRP measures inflammation in the body, but doesn't indicate where that inflammation is. So they again became concerned that there was an infection present somewhere. But where? The PICC line? Her brain? Somewhere else? Saturday night they did another CT scan, this one with contrast to see if the contrast would pick up an abcess or infection somewhere. It was thankfully normal, and her cultures continued to be normal.

They also kept wondering if it was the PICC, but they didn't want to take it out in case she might need it later on. They wanted to flush it with some kind of alcohol-type solution to kill whatever might be in there, but of course, they couldn't get the solution until Monday because nothing happens on the weekend in a hospital. GRR.

They drew another CRP last night and it is now coming down. Dr. Sood came by this morning and said they will draw another one this morning and if that's coming down, we can go home today. That would indicate that there is no infection present, and whatever caused her number to go up in the first place is going or has gone away.

She hasn't run fever since Friday night which has been wonderful and has furthered the case for there not being any infection. She's been in a good mood, considering she's in the hospital, wanting to color, go for rides in the wagon, and is more "her" than at any point since before surgery. I think the fever just sucked her energy and she can now truly focus on recovery.

My theory on all of this, including her behavior Wednesday and Thursday that caused us (okay, me) to panic and come up here on Friday...I think it was viral. She was not well, that much is for sure, but it was not hydrocephalus or anything related to her surgery. It just happened to coincide with a recent brain surgery, at a time when we are hypervigilant and prone to freaking out, just a little. :)

So fingers crossed for a lower CRP today...I think the odds are strongly in our favor. Then it's home sweet home...take two.


Anonymous said...

Reading this it's like you are telling our story. It's a little reminder that through all the complicated tests and procedures, our little ones also get normal childhood illnesses. It's so hard to tell the difference when your child had brain surgery just a few weeks ago. But I am glad that it is not as serious as you had feared. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

So glad its not serious! But what a bad time for something viral/ minor infection :( Miss you guys so much. Can't wait for this to be over for you.

XX Lauren B

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Ugh...all this post-op complications has to be completely draining on you all. Hoping that home sweet home take 2 is only a day away. Though I am a bit jealous that you and D had coffee ;)

JSmith5780 said...

Maybe she just wanted to meet Trevy?? Glad she's doing better. Hope you are home by now!