Sunday, September 27, 2009

Daily update

Little tidbits since yesterday:
  • Dr. Sood came by this morning and said she looks great. All of the staph cultures have been negative except of course the one from surgery so good news there too. Medically there's not much more of a reason to keep her here so after PT assesses her on Monday and we get the home health care set up for her antibiotics, we should be good to go! I'm hanging my hat on Tuesday.
  • We've been getting her to sit up in bed for short periods of time and she's already gained quite a bit of strength back. She can keep her head upright now. Her right side is getting stronger and stronger, she's now moving her fingers too.
  • This morning she told me "lay down" after she'd been sitting up for awhile. She also has been asking for massages...can't think of how to phonetically spell the way she says it but those who know her can picture it. She has always loved for people to lightly run their fingers over her back, arms and legs and we call them massages. She has been asking for them all morning and I'm happy to oblige!
  • Later this morning we're going to get her up and out of this room. They're going to get us a wagon and pad it with pillows and we're going to wheel her around the halls. I think it will do her some good, she definitely has some depression from being in this bed and room for so long.
  • She still has not had anything to eat since we've been here...10 days now. She's had things to drink but no food. Yesterday she asked for a cracker but then wouldn't eat it. I think the Vancomycin is messing with her stomach. She needs to eat and poop before we can leave so hopefully we can tempt her with something.

That's it for now! Fingers crossed for a good day and some good progress!


Anonymous said...

Love all of the good news! XX

Lauren B

blogzilly said...

All awesome stuff!

Jackson's Blog said...

So glad you all can leave soon! It is fantastic that she is doing so well! I know the weekends are so slow, but in a day or two you will be back home as a family and with Julia seizure free!

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Sounds like a wonderful plan. So great to read how well she is doing. I am sure you are all ready to sleep in your own beds.

Twinkies2x said...

I praise God for just the simple word, "mommy!" So happy home is in your future soon. kp

baby trevor's mommy said...

Seems like just yesterday we were praying for we're praying for poop! ;)

Such a happy update!


JSmith5780 said...

what a great report to read on Monday morning!

Tara said...

This is totally awesome Lisa. it all sounds really good. Good luck getting out of the hospital in a timely fashion.

ELAINE said...

Great news! I bet you can't wait to get her out of there! Hope you get home tomorrow!!!

Queen Elaine