Friday, September 25, 2009

More good news

Things feel so good today...the end is in sight and Julia keeps doing better and better. She had a rough night but only because she's improving. The anesthesia has definitely worn off, she wants to move around and get on her tummy to be more comfortable but can't because we have to have her arms restrained so she can't get at her drains. Lest anyone worry that she's being tortured...they are loosely restrained and she can move them quite a bit, she just can't lift her arms above her head. Still no seizures, which is just amazing and a wonderful thing to witness. Her vitals are still perfect and her swelling has gone down a ton. Michael took the night shift and was able to get her head in a centered position, so she can now open both eyes and her face is no longer puffy.

Dr. Sood came by this morning and said the fluid they tested yesterday was negative for staph. I'm assuming the fluid is cerebrospinal fluid (correct, other surgery parents?) The relief I felt at that cannot be put into words. It seems almost certain we were just the unlucky ones who had to deal with a contaminant but at this point, I almost don't care. I hate that we have a 6 week IV antibiotic course in our future but it almost seems minor compared to the alternative.

The other good news is that she gets her JP drain out today along with the dressing. The dressing seems to really bother her and I'm hoping once those are both out she'll be a bit more comfortable. She'll get the remaining drain out tomorrow.

She hasn't really said any meaningful words since yesterday but that is because the brain swelling is at it's peak right no cause for alarm, although I'd love to hear her sweet voice do something other than cry. That has been hard because it just tears at my heart, but knowing this should be the last day of this makes a huge difference.


Anita said...

Hi Lisa,

As far as my knowledge goes they check the fluid from the drains to look for infections,when they need to.It is so good to hear it came back negative for staph.
Even better to hear Julia is doing good and that u got a chance to see Daniel.I have a 2 and a half year old who stayed back in chicago with his aunt,uncle and


baby trevor's mommy said...

Oh gosh...I didn't know about the restraint part. It makes me happy/sad. Happy because I KNOW Trevy would be pulling at them if he could. Sad because...well...because I'm his mommy.

But the report sounds positive! Thank you thank you thank you thank you...for being willing to share this. You...Elaine...Meghan...Sheila...Erin...Sinead...Ken... you guys are my people.



Michelle said...

Great news! I can't wait for our sweet angel to sleep in her own bed and get back to her routine. Give Juju sweet kisses from Grandma.

Tell Cindi to save some of Daniel's sugar for me! I am so grateful that she and Evelyn were able to take care of him for you and Michael!

blogzilly said...

Wow, what a week huh? Just wow. But thankfully you guys have been weathering any storms that come up very well, Julia seems to be doing well, healing, getting stronger, all good signs.

Glad the week is over, you made it through so far. Still a ways to go but you'll get there.

Helen said...

So thankful everything is pointing in the right direction today. It has been quite the week! To ride so many emotions - the anxiety, fear, hope, joy, panic, patience, peace ... I am grateful you have shared so much with us and allowed us to be a part of the ride. Praying for Julia to have a comfortable day. Love you all!

JSmith5780 said...

Sounds like she is on an upward trend. So happy for you!

rkortz said...

Thank goodness the test was negativie this time...too bad about the course of antibiotics.But like you said, at least there is no infection. I'm so happy things are looking up and I'm looking forward to hearing that you are all heading home from the hospital :).

Allison said...

Love all the good news! Thank you so much for keeping everyone updated. Love you guys!