Friday, September 18, 2009


Julia has now gone back to the O/R. We met with Dr. Sood beforehand, as well as various anethesiologists and nurses. We were told it would take about an hour to get things going and the surgery itself would take 2-3 hours. They expect to finish around noon and we will get hourly updates. I got to go back with her and stay with her as she got the gas. She was in a great mood as we walked down the hall but did not enjoy getting the laughing gas and being held down. She cried just a little though as the gas quickly took effect. I gave her a kiss goodbye and was taken back to the waiting room. Puppy stayed with her and will be there to greet her as she wakes up. (And yes, I did mention to the staff in the room that he was far from sterile!) We just got a quick cup of coffee in the cafeteria and are on our way back up to the surgical waiting room to...wait. More as soon as we hear it.

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blogzilly said...

I've heard great things from Dr. Sood from Elaine. You are in terrific hands.