Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday update

(Sorry this took so long to post, I've been enjoying Daniel this morning.)

It's been kind of status quo for the past 24 hours. She got her JP drain out yesterday as mentioned in the previous post and her bandages off. That seemed to go some way in making her more comfortable but she's still having some discomfort and cries quite a bit. The doctors as well as us don't think it's pain related, her heart rate isn't rising and she sleeps in between crying, so I wonder if she could be having headaches or is maybe just feeling funky after having so much of her brain altered. She is very quiet but in the past 12 hours has started saying "no" and "milk" so we're making some progress. Still no seizures which is wonderful, and she is using her right side quite a bit more than yesterday which is very nice to see.

She'll be getting the last drain out today, the EVD drain. After that is out we can give her a shower, wash her hair, get her dressed, sit her up...all kinds of things that will hopefully go some way to making her more comfortable. We saw neurology awhile ago and were informed that PT won't be coming by today because it's the weekend. More and more I'm wondering why they scheduled her grid surgery for Friday and resection for Tuesday when it seems everyone else is the opposite schedule. So far it's added nothing but frustration. An extra day of grids, possibly more time in the hospital because nothing is going to happen this weekend with's very frustrating. So now the likelihood of going home Monday has gone down. We will do what we need to do to get well as quickly as possible but needless to say, we are ready to go home.


baby trevor's mommy said...

We are NOT hospital people either...and I truly believe the best place to heal is at home.

I'm sorry, hon. I wondered about the opposite schedule too.

Hopfully Julia will keep getting stronger and less weepy.


rkortz said...

I never understood why everyone else employed by the hospital works weekends except PT ???