Friday, September 18, 2009

Surgery day

We're here. Julia was just admitted and we are in the surgical waiting room waiting to be called back. We got to Detroit around 5pm last night, checked in to the International House and went to dinner. We all got to bed around 8:30 (even Julia!) which was nice because Michael and I both tossed and turned with worry. The fact that the pillows felt like they were stuffed with straw didn't help much. I'm hoping whatever sleep we did get is enough to power us through the day because I know this first day will be draining.

Julia is in great spirits, even though she is concerned by the fact that Daniel is not with us. I can't begin to tell you the emotions we are feeling, although I know the parents that have been through this before know exactly. I got the kindest email from Elaine overnight giving us a recap of their experience on this first is so calming to hear from others who not only have been through the same thing but also in the same hospital with the same doctors! So thanks again Elaine.

I will update later this morning and keep everyone posted throughout surgery.


blogzilly said...

For the first time, I can say with 100% honest that I know exactly how you feel. My son Bennett had his surgery on August 27th. I remember being a bundle of nerves the night before, and then, a sort of calm descended over me in the wee hours because for some reason, that I still will never comprehend, decided that he was going to make me happy for the few hours before the surgery.

He laughed and played with me and generally eased my suffering, how amazing was that? It helped a lot.

And then, giving him over to the team, saying 'goobye' to him, that was maybe the hardest moment of the morning, I cried a lot. Was very tearful. But then while waiting I was fairly calm, cause there isn't a lot you CAN do.

I hope your wait is not a long one, and everything goes according to plan. You are all in my thoughts today.

Lisa said...

Thanks. For some reason whenever she's in the hospital I go into ultra-stoic mode...but leaving her in the OR did leave me feeling very vulnerable and emotional. I think the fact that she doesn't understand is what's so hard.