Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Good day

The upswing continues! Julia's appetite is back with a vengenance...for breakfast she had TWO yogurts, a small box of Cheerios and half a cup of milk. I was afraid it would come back up but nope, she held it all down. She's also...ahem...pooping. (Sorry for the TMI, but when you're in the hospital that's a big deal!) So that's a hurdle that's been crossed.

The only thing holding us up now...the darn fever! Still no cause for it, every test has been run that is possible so it either boils down to a drug fever caused by something she's on, or a bug that she's picked up during her stay. The Dilantin has been cancelled effective this afternoon, and fever is a potential side effect of that, so we'll soon see if that was the culprit.

Everyone is talking about Friday to release us so hopefully her fever is long gone by then.


Jennifer said...

Go, Julia, go! We are following Julia's progress very closely and are thrilled that she's doing well. Love, Aaron, Jennifer & Ada.

Laura said...

Sweet Home (hopefully, literally, and post freaking haste!)!!! Thanks again for keeping us posted every step of the way. It definitely makes us feel like we're sharing in some small part in what y'all are going through. Love YOUs guys!

sarah e designs said...

continuing to send positive energy your way Lisa. You have one amazing little girl:)
love sarah m

Anonymous said...

Sounds like she is doing really well. Yay poop. Did they check for chemical meningitis. Someone mentioned it to me as a possible surgical complication when Emma had her post surgery fever.

baby trevor's mommy said...

I SOOOOO want you to leave! But how wild that we'll be ships passing at night!



rkortz said...

I hope they can get to the bottom of that darn fever so you can go home by Friday...this has been so hard for you guys (((hugs))).

ELAINE said...

Hope you get to come home today Lisa!!! We miss you!

Queen Elaine