Thursday, September 24, 2009

Not much to say...

Today has been a good day...not much has happened while we're in that quiet healing process. She had her PICC line inserted around noon today, which is now the only IV she has...good in a way but this is going to be tough to deal with at home. Still not showing any signs of infection, thankfully. She woke up for awhile earlier and was talking a little again, simple words still like "juice" and "mommy". I feel like she's a little more aware today than last night, but I know we probably still have one more day of healing before she'll really wake up.

Julia's Nana and Aunt Nana came up to see us today, they've been watching Daniel back home and I was so ready to see him again. He got so excited when he saw Julia and wanted to get in her bed with her. I took him outside to get a little fresh air for awhile which was so nice.

Here's our girl can see the majority of the swelling is in her right eye since she's been laying with her head to the side. We've been trying to slowly prop her head up to get it into a central position but she seems to be more comfortable this way.

Just a quiet little update to let everyone know that things are good!


Ang. said...

Daniel looks so happy! And Julia seems to be getting some much needed rest. With all of the experienced parents saying 4 days out was a big turnaround, I'm anxious to see how things are going by Saturday and Sunday. But there is certainly no rush! Her body will take the time it needs. I hope your little guy is making you feel renewed.

Love you guys!

Helen said...

Awww! The kids are so precious. I am so proud of them both. I am sure Daniel has brought a new energy to Detroit. To see life from his perspective ... full of joy. Julia looks great and I am sure she is glad her little brother is back and her family complete. Thanks for sharing the pics.

rkortz said...

I'm so happy to hear things are looking up. I've been thinking about how hard it must be for you to be away from Daniel as well as dealing with Julia's surgery. I'm so glad that you were reunited today :).